SLM Solutions: Successful IPO

May 9, 2014

Munich, May 9, 2014 – DPE announced today that its portfolio company SLM Solutions has successfully been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, with 56 percentages in free float. As long-term oriented investor DPE kept 17 percentage of the shares, whereas 27 percentages remain with the company’s founders. By way of this IPO the technology leader in metal based 3D printing managed to generate 75 Mio. EURO of growth capital.

„Given the successful completion of this increase in capital, SLM can now continue to strongly invest in the growth of its business“, DPE-Partner Lars Becker comments Germany`s first IPO in 2014 and DPE`s first in it´s seven years history. „We are a long-term oriented growth investor, therefore think that a long-term equity solution is in general preferable for companies we invest in. This IPO of SLM is a testament to this believe”, added Becker.

Before the IPO, DPE had been majority shareholder of this strongly growing technology leader headquartered in the northern German city of Luebeck. DPE successfully advised founders and management on the company’s new strategic path as well as on finding a solution for the business succession now implemented in this successful IPO and the expected continuous internationalisation of the firm.