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We are highly passionate about medium-sized businesses. That’s why we started our own business. And that’s why DPE’s private equity is something quite exceptional – equity capital for entrepreneurs. We want to turn entrepreneurial visions into reality. In order to achieve that, we know that it takes much more than just money…

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We started with a simple idea. And this principle still perfectly describes the way we think and act today – capital from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. more

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Deutsche Private Equity ("DPE") sells its majority stake in SERCOO Group to strategic buyer Elevion Group, which will become a leading service provider for biogas plants, decentralized cogeneration of heat, power and engine conversions

Successful development of SERCOO Group into an integrated provider of technical services for operators of biogas plants, combined heat and power plants and related engine technology as part of a buy-and-build strategy with DPE as financial investor

Quadrupling of SERCOO Group’s turnover during a Read more in News

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