Together we create sustainable growth and added value

Our mission is to promote the growth of our portfolio companies and create sustainable corporate value over multiple years.

We provide support to our companies in strategic, financial and operational questions, leveraging our extensive network of experienced industry experts. We prioritize personal, transparent and reliable communication, thus fostering a dialogue from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

Our values


We take a partnership approach and are committed to being a reliable sparring partner for our portfolio companies. We achieve this through short decision-making processes, flexibility and entrepreneurial freedom. Additionally, we provide access to an international network of renowned industry experts.


We uphold high ethical standards and prioritize trusting, personal cooperation as the foundation for long-term success. We believe in open and transparent communication and strive to honor our commitments.


Growth is the core principle of our investment philosophy. On average, our companies experience substantial growth, both organically and through acquisitions, surpassing the growth rates of their respective markets. We assist entrepreneurs in resolving succession challenges and help companies advance to the next level. This is achieved through perseverance, ambition, and a strong sense of responsibility.


Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate DNA. Therefore, we strive to uphold the highest Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. In financing our investments, we also prioritize having a strong equity base. With our capital, our goal is to establish stable and independent companies that are built on a solid foundation. Our returns are socially responsible.

Long-term orientation

As a strategic partner, we pursue sustainable corporate development. We do not aim for short-term profits, but pursue long-term value enhancement.

To create financial value, one needs to have first and foremost, intrinsic values. This includes the responsible handling of our environment. We at Deutsche Private Equity understand this and act accordingly.

Marc Thiery, Partner and Founder of Deutsche Private Equity

Investment focus

Growth financing

Capital for companies with the strong potential

Deutsche Private Equity (DPE) offers entrepreneurial capital to fuel growth and provide succession solutions for medium-sized companies. Our investment strategy focuses on companies that have a solid market position, sustainable competitive advantages, and annual sales ranging from 20 to 500 million euros. We typically invest between 10 million and 250 million euros in equity per company.

Our primary interest lies in business models within sectors that demonstrate promising long-term prospects and enjoy favorable market conditions. These sectors include industrial technologies, business services, healthcare, IT and software, as well as energy and environmental technology. With our extensive experience and expertise in these fields, we aim to strengthen the overall growth trajectory of portfolio companies.

We not only provide capital but also contribute ideas and leverage our experience in developing and expanding medium-sized companies into national and international market leaders.

Our solutions

Growth Capital

With growth capital from Deutsche Private Equity, you can take your business to the next level. For more than 15 years, we have helped mid-sized companies achieve and exceed their growth ambitions. As your partner, we provide comprehensive support with capital, expertise and a network that enables you to unlock your growth potential.

In particular, we advise management:

  • Expanding your product- or service-offering strategically,
  • Expanding your sales territory by entering new markets, whether regional or international,
  • Marketing and scaling new technologies,
  • Investing in innovation,
  • Professionalizing your organizations and structures,
  • Digitizing your processes.

Succession Solution

We help you design a successful succession solution that is harmonious and in line with your personal goals and wishes.

As part of a well-structured succession plan, you can:

  • Monetize your assets tied up in the business,
  • Pass on your life’s work to a new generation of managers and owners, either from within the company or from outside,
  • Sell a portion of the business while still maintaining an interest in the company, or gradually step back from the business while remaining actively involved,
  • Resolve conflicts of interest among shareholders and ensure the company’s future growth.

The topic of succession requires a high degree of cultural understanding as well as patience and empathy. At Deutsche Private Equity, we have this experience from many successful company successions.

Management Buy-Out

We can help you acquire shares in a company as part of a management buy-out (MBO).

This allows you to:

  • Obtain shares in the company you have contributed to building, assume operational management responsibilities, and further develop your own business.
  • Benefit from the capital, the experience and the network of a long-standing successful financial investor in order to realize a successful management buy-out.

Initial Public Offering

Deutsche Private Equity supports you in taking your company public.

You benefit from:

  • The professionalization of structures to meet the higher requirements and transparency standards of a stock-market listing.
  • Fresh capital from a new group of investors that can be used for growth initiatives, acquisitions or research and development.
  • Greater visibility and reputation in the marketplace, strengthening your market position and increasing opportunities for growth.

Secondary Market Transaction

Deutsche Private Equity also invests in the secondary market by acquiring a direct interest in a company from another investor.

Become an entrepreneur

Our Entrepreneur Program

As a strategic partner, we support entrepreneurial managers on their way to becoming independent entrepreneurs with a special Entrepreneur Program. Nils Bennemann, Partner at Deutsche Private Equity, looks forward to getting to know you and your ideas.

Working with Deutsche Private Equity

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