The Entrepreneur Program of Deutsche Private Equity

We support entrepreneurial managers who want to develop into independent entrepreneurs. To this end, we have created a dedicated Entrepreneur Program.

Nils Bennemann, Partner at Deutsche Private Equity, takes care of your entrepreneurial ideas and ambitions with a great deal of empathy and interest.

Do you ever think, “if I had a strong partner and enough capital…

  • …then I could build a really strong player in my fragmented industry! I know the sector inside out, have direct access to many of the relevant companies through my network, and the industry is just waiting to be consolidated."

  • …then I could take over the company where I work from the founder himself instead of being sold to someone else as part of a succession solution! I already know what I would do differently to take the company forward."

  • …then I could buy the division I manage out of the Group. The priorities here are on the other activities anyway, and with a little focus and capital, you could turn my division into a really exciting company."

  • …then I would immediately try to buy company X/Y/Z. I’ve known the industry for years and would know exactly what I would have to change to make the company more successful."

For entrepreneurial managers like you, we have set up a dedicated Entrepreneur Program to provide you with the necessary capital and know-how.

If your entrepreneurial ideas and ambitions match our Strategy and our Investment focus , please get in touch with Nils Bennemann.

Case Studies

You can see how we work with entrepreneurs using the example of Elevion and valantic.

The development of the Elevion Group
On course for digital growth with valantic

Our Entrepreneur Program

Nils Bennemann