We embrace diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion

Our society is becoming increasingly diverse and heterogeneous. At Deutsche Private Equity, we see this as a strength. The presence of different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences creates a broader spectrum of ideas and approaches to solutions. This promotes innovation and therefore the success of a company.

We therefore support diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion and create a working environment in which employees have equal opportunities regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability or other characteristics.

DE&I at Deutsche Private Equity

For diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion, we are continuously working to create an ideal working environment at Deutsche Private Equity.

Trust and open communication

We encourage and demand open communication in order to grow through exchange. We listen to the concerns of our employees and offer the space to address problems openly. We highly value trusting cooperation.

Equality for all

All employees are equal to us. Whether working from home, part-time, parental leave, sabbatical, further education, training and flexible workplaces: The same opportunities are available to everyone and can be taken advantage of according to their own tasks.

Set an example

It is important to us to drive change and break down boundaries. That’s why we set an example and are part of various initiatives and charitable organizations.

Embracing diversity

We are striving for even more diversity in our team in terms of gender, nationality and age. In order to make the still male-dominated world of finance more diverse and inclusive, we are actively targeting the right talent when searching for candidates.

Create awareness

Through workshops, training courses and lectures, we promote innovation and creativity as well as awareness of respectful, tolerant and inclusive coexistence.

Code of Conduct

Respectful behavior in the workplace is important to us so that all colleagues and external visitors feel comfortable with us. That’s why we have a code of conduct that specifies how employees should behave in a legally correct, ethical and socially responsible manner.

Working at Deutsche Private Equity

We are always looking for high caliber candidates to join our team and grow with us.