Deutsche Private Equity


The DPE Entrepreneur Programme

“From entrepreneurial manager…
… to independent entrepreneur”

Do you ever think, “if I had a strong partner and enough capital…

  • …I could establish a really strong player in my fragmented industry! I know the sector inside out, I have direct access to many of the relevant companies through my network and the industry is just waiting to be consolidated.”
  • …I could buy the company where I work instead of being sold with the business in the context of a founder succession! After all, I already know what I would do differently to develop the company further.”
  • …I could buy out the division I head from the group. My division is not really given priority, and with a bit of focus and capital I could create a really exciting company.”
  • …I would try and buy company X/Y/Z right away. I’ve been familiar with the industry for years and would know exactly what to change to make the company even more successful.”

We have created a dedicated Entrepreneur Programme for entrepreneurial managers like you to provide you with the capital and know-how you need. If your entrepreneurial ideas and ambitions match our principles and our investment focus, get in touch with Nils Bennemann.

and provide examples of how we work with companies to finance leading players in their industries.