Webtrekk: User-orientated analyses for global brands

Jun 10, 2014

Munich/Berlin, June 10, 2014 – Webtrekk, a leading high-end digital analytics software company, has closed its third round of financing, collecting a total of up to €25 million from DPE Deutsche Private Equity.

DPE is an independent German private equity investment firm that specialises in long-term growth financing for medium-sized companies in German-speaking regions. It now holds a minority interest in Webtrekk, which will invest the largest share of the financing in product innovation and the continued establishment of national and international distribution. A portion will also be utilised for inorganic growth.

Having successfully acquired customers in more than 25 countries with web analytics solutions, and subsequently with website optimisation marketing tools, Webtrekk intends to use the investment to establish itself as a leader in the European digital intelligence industry. In recent years the company has opened offices in the US, China, Italy, Spain and the Benelux region.

“We are pleased to have gained DPE as a strong partner,” said Christian Sauer, CEO of Webtrekk. “As an investor experienced in medium-sized companies, DPE understands our industry and possesses vital expertise in the growth phase of tech companies.”

“DPE has been watching Webtrekk for some time and is impressed with its innovative capacity, which has allowed it to become established in an interesting growth market,” said Lars Becker, partner at DPE. “Webtrekk has been very successful, largely with its own funds. Webtrekk is headed by top executives and we anticipate that the combination of strong entrepreneurs and sufficient financial resources will continue to drive the company’s growth.”