Air Alliance and JetCall form the leading European aeromedical company

Sep 10, 2021

Burbach, Cologne, Idstein, 10th September 2021

Air Alliance and JetCall join forces to form the leading European air ambulance company, acting under a joint brand name in the ambulance field. Air Alliance and JetCall own the largest dedicated ambulance fleet in Europe, including ten Lear31/35, four Lear 45 and three Challenger 604 that provide significant long-range capabilities. The fleet is fitted with standardized, modern medical equipment and capable to cover the most demanding mission profiles including neonatal, infectious disease and intensive care transports at the highest medical standards.

In-house medical staff and recognized aeromedical expertise ensure full control of treatment quality and seamless operations even in demanding circumstances. Own maintenance operations further ensure best in class quality and safety with regards to its flight operations. Committed to excellent service and highest medical quality, Air Alliance and JetCall aim to set standards in the aeromedical industry by providing the basis for superior medical results.

During the recent pandemic, the two firms were among the first aeromedical specialists to invest in isolation units to support the return of Covid patients to their relatives at home. As a result, over 150 Covid missions have been completed over the last 18 months.

Air Alliance and JetCall have carried significant financial strength through the Covid-period and will continue to be a reliable partner to its customers. Aircraft trading and an own flight training school will remain an integral part of the enlarged group.

The Group draws upon decades of operational and medical experience across its management team and will be led by Michael Diefenbach, Rene Petersen, Dr. Alex Veldman and Felix Waldow.