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Germany-wide network of the most renowned outpatient orthopaedic centres

About Ortheum

The Ortheum Group brings together physicians and their centers of excellence in orthopedic and trauma surgery into a network of excellence with the goal of becoming a European leader in orthopedics. The first step is to bring together specialists and excellent surgeons in Germany to enable the exchange of experience and best practices as well as capacity management. Such regional centers of excellence can offer patients high-quality care and long-term development opportunities for the treatment centers.

All existing sites are leaders in orthopedics and are located in the metropolitan regions of Cologne, Leipzig and Stuttgart. Ortheum primarily supports its partners with administrative processes, allowing them to concentrate on their core medical expertise. Outpatient medical-surgical care and standardized treatment paths are a particular focus of the Ortheum network. The exchange of best practices makes it possible to learn from the best.

Ortheum focuses on efficient administrative processes. This offers doctors productive freedom and more time for people. Ortheum bundles its strengths in order to make the most of opportunities and thus wants to help shape the future of orthopedic specialist care in Germany.

Key figures

Fund DPE Fund III
Sector Healthcare
Location Germany
Investment in the year 2022
Turnover 2022 € 20.4 million
Number of employees N/A