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Europe’s leading independent think-and-do tank for climate, environment and development

About adelphi

adelphi is Europe’s leading independent think tank for climate, environment and development. As a leading policy consultancy, adelphi is committed to equitable, transformative change and a livable and sustainable society.

Every day, a team of 350 bright minds around the world work on environmental and sustainability issues and the challenges of political, economic and social change.

adelphi supports the transformation of the economy and society towards greater sustainability through transdisciplinary research, evidence-based consultancy and dialogue with political, social and business stakeholders. Its fields of competence include energy, climate, resources, finance, diplomacy and business.

Since 2001, adelphi has implemented more than 1,000 projects worldwide in this way and in cooperation with various international clients and partner organizations.

Key figures

Fund DPE Fund IV
Industry Business Services
Location Germany
Investment in 2022
Turnover 2022 € 33.9 million
Number of employees 350