Impact Deal Green Mobility Holding (GMH)

Investment with a positive impact on the environment and health

Green Mobility Holding (GMH) brings the future of mobility to European workers

GMH combines the brands Company Bike, mein Dienstrad and o2o under one roof to create Europe’s leading e-bike and bicycle leasing platform. GMH makes environmentally friendly and health-promoting mobility solutions easily and cost-effectively accessible to companies and their employees.

Switching to bicycles reduces greenhouse gas emissions

According to the World Resource Institute, the transportation sector will account for approximately 17 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2019. Zero or low carbon mobility helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector and limit global temperature rise. Using a bicycle or electric bike instead of an internal combustion engine vehicle reduces greenhouse gas emissions, especially in densely populated urban areas. This benefits the environment (= less greenhouse gas emissions), employees (= cost savings compared to buying a bike) and city dwellers (= less car traffic).

Successful partnership

By investing in Green Mobility Holding, Deutsche Private Equity has successfully supported the growth plan of a company with a sustainable product. We supported the management in the introduction of ESG metrics and reporting structures and contributed our expertise and best practices from our network and portfolio.

ESG at Deutsche Private Equity

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