Deutsche Private Equity

No time pressure, no focus on quarterly results, no financial acrobatics.

Our principles

We started with a simple idea. And this principle still perfectly describes the way we think and act today – capital from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. No time pressure, no focus on quarterly results, no financial acrobatics. Our added value is created through growth – organically or through acquisitions, and not through high debts. We turn managers into entrepreneurs. We offer scope for development, to allow your business energy to evolve. And time. Because sustained growth needs time. These principles have convinced numerous wealthy families, insurances and pension funds. Of course, not just us, but several of our advisors who support our companies have themselves invested. All of them have shown over the course of their career that they are successful entrepreneurs. A total of over €2 billion of equity capital has thus accrued. We invest this capital in medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We offer corporate sellers confidential, transparent and efficient methods of selling their shares. Family businesses in particular are very appreciative of this. At the same time, we invite sellers to reinvest in parallel with us and to take on an active role in management or in the advisory board. A smooth, perceptive acquisition is of the utmost importance to us. Because continuity and stability is important for all those involved, particularly for staff and customers.

With wholehearted conviction, we offer management teams the option of becoming co-entrepreneurs and running “their” company. With entrepreneurial capabilities and the ability to make decisions. Because for us, they are real entrepreneurs. We support the management teams in their growth initiatives with our own resources – through expertise, contacts and not least through investments in R&D, plants, machines, customer service, geographical expansion and acquisitions. This creates sustainable values.

We offer employees a stable, reliable company, geared to long-term growth. Thanks to a healthy equity ratio, our companies enjoy an extremely sound financial base. Our companies thus have the required strength to invest and to grow. 5.162 new jobs have already been created in our companies (as of Q4 2022) and this figure increases each month.