Deutsche Private Equity

We think and act like a family business.

Our Focus on employees

In our corporate family, we think and act as good family entrepreneurs, bearing in mind not just our customers’ interests but also those of our employees. Focusing on the long-term future of a company, investing in new markets, products and services as well as giving the company time to evolve creates a solid foundation. Both for entrepreneurs and employees. A secure workplace, career advancement possibilities, opportunities for development and progress.


Our goal is to actively increase sustained growth in our companies and to thus simultaneously create new jobs. In so doing, DPE is making a valuable contribution to the economy and to society. Our balance is extremely gratifying: 8,298 staff are employed in our corporate family (full time equivalents) and we have already created 3,046 new jobs (as of Q3 2020).

We are proud of our achievements to date, and are determined to further intensify this trend in future.


Number of staff employed as of Q1 2020


Number of newly created jobs



Those included in holdings that have been sold